The world is driven by progress

By creating new things, forging new ideas and imagining solutions beyond what’s possible. But progress isn’t easy. It takes a commitment to conquer what seems impossible.

Progress is, also, not unreasonable. It doesn’t demand the dismissal of the past, the destruction of all your previous hard work. In fact, it recognises the growth that past successes have achieved. 

All it asks for, is evolution. The acceptance that change is inevitable, and you either work with it, or get left behind.

At Quovis, we understand that progress is built on the foundation of previous success. Our job is to bridge the gap between the past, present and future. And, as important, close the divide between IT and business strategy.

We seek to understand your business challenge first. And then, through innovative, world-leading platforms, dedicated service and personal commitment, we create systems that work together as one collaborative, integrated, extended solution. Building real and immediate competitive advantage through digital transformation.

All the while, guiding you and your company to the digital future.

Quovis Business Solutions


Rino D’Alessandro

Managing Director

As a seasoned professional Rino held various CIO positions, and as a result has gained extensive experience in supply chain management, manufacturing, service and support and information technology across many disciplines.  The balance of business acumen and technology has made him a holistic business solutions provider and strategic change agent.    

Having successfully implemented SAP in a global enterprise across all business disciplines he understands the needs and integration of each of these departments into the greater business model.

People and change management form an integral strategic part of the success journey and the ability to enable sustainable collaborative change whilst aligning business and technology strategies and solutions.

He is driven by progress and the need thereof in all spheres of business and personal life. 

Jaco Jonker

Executive Director

Throughout his career, Jaco gained vast experience in software development, systems architecture, business analysis and IT management in the financial, manufacturing, service management, and agricultural industries. Within these industries he became proficient in the needs of all different kinds of departments like finance, sales, human resources, payroll, legal and compliance, supply chain and workforce management.

Having been actively involved from bespoke systems development, to modernising, migration and integration to legacy systems, he understands the challenges and complexities these projects face.

He believes in a modern, yet pragmatic and responsible approach when using technology to solve any business need. Jaco views the individuals, each with their own set of talents and skills, and the business process as the key success factors for all software related projects.